Motivational learning with video cases

8 April 2015

All BI undergraduates must take marketing management in their first year. Odd Gisholt has successfully implemented films and adopted Facebook and YouTube into his teaching strategy.

Watch video: Odd Gisholt - case videos

Modern publishing tools and social media provide an exciting platform to boost learning morale and knowledge dissemination in higher education.

Over the last five years, students have been given a case study at the beginning of their marketing management module to be solved in groups. The task in hand was to present a marketing plan for the company presented in the case. The cases would be illustrated in 20 minute films, with interviews with a varied sample of people, such as the general manager, marketing manager and marketing agencies who would make statements about the company and its position in the market.

The videos are structured so that they answer questions in the area of customer, product and brand management. It is these three areas that students must focus on in  order to solve the case in a satisfactory manner. Students also receive an additional 10 pages of more in-depth information regarding the company.

Company cases that have been presented in the past include: Hval Sjokolade, Trimtex, Millba, SiO, and Kristiansand Zoo. Watch a YouTube trailer of the cases above.

Extremely motivating

- For me, who has worked with these kind of cases for 40 years, it has been extremely motivating to witness the students respond positively to these video cases. It's also been exciting to take a pedagogical approach to the use of screens and to get access to interesting individuals and companies, says Odd Gisholt.

Feedback from students is that they value the use of videos in case presentations highly. The plan is to continue with using videos in this manner.

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