New record of applications for BI

17 April 2015

Never before has there been a greater interest in economics and management studies at BI Norwegian Business School. A total of 12,359 people applied to BI - an increase of 14 per cent compared to 2014.

Both bachelor and master studies are experiencing a sharp increase in the number of applicants, with 12 and 17 per cent growth respectively.

– We are delighted that more and more see the value of BI's professional expertise and business orientation when choosing education. This is reflected in both applications for studies and our candidates' attractiveness in the labour market, Inge Jan Henjesand, BI President, said.

The most popular subjects

The most popular BI subjects at bachelor level are Bachelor in Business Administration (Norwegian programme), Bachelor in Business Administration (English programme), Bachelor in Marketing Management and Bachelor in Real Estate.

At the master's level, Business and Economics (siviløkonom) is still very popular, with a total increase of 21 per cent. As many as 1440 have applied to this study in the coming autumn.

The Master Programme Leadership and Organizational Psychology experiences the greatest increase in the number of applicants with a total of 24 per cent.

More international applicants

This year's applicant numbers show an international share of 2801 persons, representing an increase of 22 per cent from 2014.

– BI has for several years focused strategically to attract international applicants, and it is gratifying that young foreigners look towards Norway and BI when choosing higher education in business and administration, Henjesand said.

Henjesand points out the importance of attracting international applicants through a strong reputation.

– Good results in the past years' Financial Times rankings, and not least the importance of possessing prestigious accreditations are important factors. These are quality stamps that are noticed both in Norway and abroad, and has great significance when we recruit students, Henjesand said.

Advice to students

With the recent years' tougher labour market, Henjesand emphasizes that one should be careful about basing recommendations of education choices based on extrapolations alone.

– Whether studying 3, 5 or taking a PhD program over 8 years, it is difficult to predict what the labour market will look like when finished. I think one should be very careful to make education choices based on snapshots at a given time. Whether one chooses economics studies or something else, I recommend today's students to choose an educational path they have an interest in and a field they want to work with in the future, Inge Jan Henjesand said.

The most popular study programmes


  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Norwegian programme): 1909 applicants
  • Bachelor in Real Estate: 1495 applicants
  •  Bachelor in Marketing Management: 1013 applicants
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (English programme): 1005 applicants


  • MSc in Business and Economics: 1440 applicants
  • MSc in Leadership and Org. Psychology: 545 applicants

Numbers from April 15th, 2015.

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