BI:CCI contributes to innovation report

28 May 2015

BI's Center for Creative Industries has contributed to "Drømmeløftet," a report on the future of innovation in Norway published on the 21st of May.

BI:CCI contributed to the Drømmeløftet report.

A changing economy

Drømmeløftet is a collection of ideas from the private sector, universitites, and public institutions that will shape Norway's innovation policies in the future. There have been more than 80 seminars and more than 3500 Norwegian and international contributors.

The initiative focuses on how Norway will transition from a petroleum-based economy to producing more sustainable products and services.

Creating new industries

A potential growth sector is the creative industry, which BI's recently-founded Centre for Creative Industries researches.

Professor Anne-Britt Gran (pictured on the right), the centre's director, points out that the creative industries currently account for 4.2% of the EU's GDP. It's the third largest employer in the union - only superseded by the construction and food & beverage industries.

"We're mapping out the revenue and employment generated by the creative industries here in Norway, and we're excited to see the results, Professor Gran says. The results will be published this fall.

BI:CCI has contributed to both the academic seminar and the Drømmeløftet report on cultural and creative industries, which points out Norway's unexploited competetive advantage in this field.

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