Solid Jump on International School Ranking

18 May 2015

BI climbs 14 spots on the Financial Times' annual ranking of customised internal business programmes and 8 spots on short-term training programmes.

BI President, Inge Jan Henjesand is pleased with the improvement.

- BI takes important steps in the right direction to highlight several of our activities in an international context. New schools enter the competition and it gets tougher every year.

In separate rankings of the world's best customised internal business programmes, BI ends up at number 65 of total 85. In the short-term training programmes (Executive Short Programmes), BI ranks number 62 of a total of 80.

BI competes in a total of 5 separate rankings on the Financial Times list.

FT Executive Education rankings 2015

About the ranking:
The Financial Times (FT) ranking of these programmes are based largely on customer satisfaction ("value for money" and "future use"). FT also considers the participants’ employment level. Senior Management Programmes rank higher than programmes for middle managers and specialists. FT also considers the school's international profile in the actual programme implementation.

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