The BI Conference on Corporate Governance

5 June 2015

Eight leading scholars presented recent corporate governance papers at BI’s Conference on Corporate Governance organized by BI’s Centre for Corporate Governance Research.

Conference on corporate governance at BI

Sponsored by the Finance Market Fund and the Norwegian Finance Initiative, eight leading scholars presented recent corporate governance papers. Each presentation was followed by a discussion by a designated discussant and by the general audience.

The papers covered a broad variety of corporate governance topics, such as the relationship between firm performance and CEO replacement, the effect of board committees on board behaviour, governance problems in ownerless art museums, and the effect of advertising on takeover premia. See the full programme for the conference here.

About 50 people attended the conference, which had participation by invitation. Three of the presenters also gave a talk on corporate governance at a joint workshop hosted by the CCGR and NBIM (the Oil Fund). This workshop was held at Norges Bank, and about 100 Norwegian finance practitioners attended.

Øyvind Norli gives a lecture at the conference on corporate governance at BI

We think these two events have two beneficial effects for BI in general and for BI's governance researchers in particular. First, high-quality conferences build BI's brand name in the international research community and in the national finance industry. Second, such events allow our researchers to build networks with key international players in our profession, says chair of the organizing committee Øyvind Norli about the event.

The organizing committee consisted of Øyvind Norli (chair), Alex Edmans, Øyvind Bøhren, Johann Reindl, and Danielle Zhang.

Audience at conference on corporate governance

BI Centre for Corporate Governance Research.

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