Bloomberg room at BI

13 August 2015

This year, for the first time BI students of finance will take a diploma in the use of Bloomberg terminals. A Bloomberg room will be a flagship of finance education, writes Kapital.

From this autumn, finance students at BI will become certified Bloomberg terminal users. The Bloomberg room will be completed next year, but will be operational in practice from this autumn. According to Kapital magazine, with the arrival of the terminals BI will become the country's leader in Bloomberg training.

- The room should be used now, but when it is completely finished, it will be much more conspicuous and impressive, says Kjell Jørgensen, associate professor at the Department of Finance.

Earlier in August, twelve terminals arrived at BI: one in the library, one in the Department of Finance, and the remaining ten were placed in the Bloomberg room.

First in Norway

Jørgensen believes that the interest in potential employees with Bloomberg comptencey is high. After a round of calls to aquaintances in the brokerage sector, he confirmed his thoughts.

- Pre-trained Bloomberg users will save employers' time, effort and money, says Jørgensen to Kapital.

He also mentioned that BI is the only Norwegian supllier of this technology to students.

- We are the first business school in Norway, possibly even in the Nordic countries, to offer students such an opportunity, says Jørgensen.

Exam in Bloomberg

Finance students at BI will have Bloomberg terminals integrated with several of their courses. If they wish, they can also take an exam created by Bloomberg, called Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT).

- Students who choose to do this will be gain internationally recognised proof that they are Bloomberg competent. This will likely set them apart from the competition for job positions where Bloomberg is used, explains Jørgensen.

This is Bloomberg

Bloomberg terminals are, in a nutshell, intergrated financial news and computer programs, with access to database searches which enable the user to find a wide range of economica data about a company, both historical and present. It can, for example, be used in analyses of various markets and shares, when constructing portfolios, evaluating performance of equity and hedge funds as well as company valuation in connection with an acquisition or merger.

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