BI celebrates 10 years in Nydalen

21 September 2015

A grand celebration on Wednesday marked BI's 10 years in Nydalen, along with the 10-year anniversary of the student union BI Oslo (SBIO).

The campus building was packed with students, employees, alumni and partners. A spectacular drum show marked the start of the celebration, as the group Complete marched through the building. This was followed by inspirational speeches from President Inge Jan Henjesand, head of SBIO Karl Söderman Reistad and BI alumni and Head of HR in Innovation Norway Yvonne Fosser.

- The BI relocation to Nydalen in 2005was the beginning of a new era for BI. To gather all the schools in Oslo under one roof, reinvigorated BI . The strength we have we will use use to get ahead, including outside of Norway, said President Inge January Henjesand BI.

The programme was completed with a concert by the Norwegian artists Donkeyboy and Matoma, who finished with a special collaboration for the occasion. The atmosphere was electric from start to finish, and the celebration was worthy of an important era for BI. Over the past 10 years the school has evolved into an internationally acknowledged business school, as the second largest business school in Europe with good results on the Financial Times' rankings.

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