BI hosts European PR conference

5 October 2015

EUPRERA 2015 was held at BI Oslo on Friday 2nd and was an international arena for researchers and academics to present their research on the value in strategic communication for organizations.

At the Oslo campus on Friday, 150 participants gathered from 20 different countries to discuss how PR supports organizations, as well as what communication specialists can learn from the management discipline. EUPRERA (The European Public Relations Education and Research Association) invited BI and Peggy Simcic Brønn from the Department for Communication and Culture to organize this year's conference.

- We want to establish BI as a place you go to for research in organizational communication. I think we have some of the best academics in the field in Norway. It is a very specific field are aiming to build up in the faculty, while we also want to bring in new researchers within public relations and organizational communication, says Peggy Simcic Brønn.

PR and business: be effective at both

This year's keynote speaker was Roger Bolton, president of the Arthur W. Page Society. The Arthur W. Page Society is the premier professional organization for senior corporate communication executives.

- I would not employ a person based on their education, but based on the individual. And I've been looking for a business-oriented person with strong communication skills, or a communications student with a strong understanding of business. There is no formula, but you must be able to be effective at both, says Bolton.

Did you know?

Publications from the Department of Communication and Culture at BI has grown by more than 50% since 2012. 

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