Prime Minister Erna Solberg at BI

5 October 2015

- We must be prepared for lifelong learning. This was one of several good mantras that the Prime Minister gave on her BI visit on Monday 5th October.

Only two days before the announcement of the government's budget for 2016, Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited BI to talk about future challenges for the Norwegian economy.

Solberg's lecture dealt with topics including employment, education, activity and reorganization. The Prime Minister also took the time to give some good advice to the students. Including "Begin at the beginning of the semester" and "Have structure in your reading", advice she admits to not always having lived by.

Today's main topic, however, was about good ways of dealing with restructuring the challenges we now face. Facilitating entrepreneurship and a competitive business environment, increased focus on education and especially lifelong learning, were well addressed in the Prime Minister's speech.

- Restructuring could also mean new opportunities, emphasized President of BI, Inge Jan Henjesand, to the students.

Read Prime Minister Erna Solberg's full address to BI Norwegian Business School here (Norwegian only).

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