BI alumni dominate E24's Leader Talent competition

12 November 2015

It was a double victory for BI when E24 announced this year's leadership talent, and both first and second place went to former BI students on Friday.

A number of former BI students were back on BI's premises in Oslo on Friday to receive E24's leadership talent prizes for leaders under 35 years. No other school has as many candidates as Norway's largest business school on the list. - I want to congratulate all graduates from BI that have participated in the selection of E24's Leader Talent 2015. It is a great achievement to be considered by an impressive judge panel as leading talent. The leading talents are important ambassadors for BI and good role models for our ambitious students, says BI President, Inge Jan Henjesand.

This year's main winner, Jan Frode Johansen, the Regional Director for Rema 1000 where he began as a manager trainee in 2008. Johansen has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Norwegian) from BI.

In second place was this year's category winner for Company Developer, Mie Holstad, who currently works as Managing Director of property investment in NBIM. Holstad has both a master's degree in Economics and Management (MBA) and a master's degree in Accounting and Auditing from BI.

- An additional congratulations to Jan Frode Johansen for receiving this year's E24 Leader Talent, and Mie Caroline Holstad for being awarded second place. It is impressive to see how far they have reached with determination, hard work and most importantly,a good education. I wish them luck in their future careers, says Henjesand.

Half of this year's winners also have their education from BI
The year's 'Finansess': Andreas Reklev
The year's 'Selskapsutvikler': Mie Holstad
The year's 'Brobygger': Siren Sundby
The year's 'Digitalhode': Tobias Bæck

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