Best of BI

16 December 2015

On Thursday December 10th, over 300 graduates students received their diplomas at the Master of Science graduation at BI in Oslo. During the ceremony, the year's best Master of Science students were announced, much to the delight of the winners.

– I want to congratulate Kirstine, Rasmus, Vidar, Kanutte and Henrikke who are distinguished as the best students in each line of the Master of Science programme for 2015. They have, through brilliant grades, shown what one can achieve with hard work and a dedicated attitude to studies, says president at BI Inge Jan Henjesand.

Hundreds of Master of Science students who completed their degree in spring 2015 were gathered at BI on Thursday 10th December. With family and friends present, the graduating students were handed their diplomas by President Inge Jan Henjesand. During the ceremony, the best students also received a scholarship of 5000 kroner for their academic effort and academic strength.

Best of the best

Three of the top five students received the Presidential Scholarship and all of them are leaving with a "With honors" title. Kirstine Rust from Hokksund and Rasmus Stenbråten from Fredrikstad went out with similar GPAs and were named as the two best students of all master students graduating from BI in 2015. In addition to the diploma and scholarship they each received a watch of the brand Tag Heuer.

Kirstine Rust, MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
– During the period of study, I have continually worked to improve myself. This award truly makes all the work worth it. I am very happy with everything I've learnt and this was a fantastic way to finish my studies.

Rasmus Knutsen Stenbråten, MSc in Business
– It was great to receive the award and very nice to receive recognition for the work I've put in over such a long time. At the same time, I want to highlight the good cooperation with my study group, which has been an important contribution to my grades being as good as they have been.

Kanutte Bye Røstad, MSc in Organizational Psychology and Leadership
– I am very proud, especially considering all the dedicated and hardworking students I have competed with. It must be noted that large parts of the programme work is carried out in teams. We worked well together and this award is recognition of the hard and dedicated work and good cooperation.

Henrikke Bryn Bakkerud, MSc in Accounting and Auditing
– It was really fun to get this award, especially considering all the talented students I have had around me. It's nice to get recognition for your hard work. In addition, it is definitely a positive contribution to my CV.

Vidar Skogset Lyngvær, MSc in Finance
– Had you told me the first day of the programme that I would go out as the top student, I would never have believed in you. But it goes to show that if you work purposefully it is quite possible to assert yourself, even in a class where one competes with incredibly ambitious and talented students. This is something I will take with me into the workforce.

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