Endowed professorship from Tom Wilhelmsen's Foundation

16 December 2015

On 15th December Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, chairman of the Tom Wilhelmsen's Foundation, signed an agreement with BI for an endowed professorship in strategy and industrial competitiveness, to strengthen research and knowledge about the maritime industries.

- We are very pleased that the Tom Wilhelmsen's Foundation will continue the endowed professorship in strategy and industrial competitiveness. This type of professorship with a long-term learning partner gives opportunity to gain new knowledge of the maritime industry and is therefore an important tool for improvement for both research and teaching activities at BI, in a field that is very important for Norway's future business development, says Inge Jan Henjesand, president at BI.

The endowed professorship will provide important support for future-oriented research on innovation and economic development, and applies for 2016-2019. The agreement has a budget of 4.5 million kroner. The endowed professorship will be held by Professor Torger Reve.

- The oil era has already peaked, and Norway must find other priority areas. What could be more natural than to focus on what we have a long history with and considerable competence in, namely the maritime industry. We are already world leaders in this area. Increased knowledge and research in the maritime sector is therefore essential. Competence is our strongest competitive advantage. Through collaboration with BI, we want to stimulate interest in the maritime industry and its significant value in and for society, says Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, chairman of the Tom Wilhelmsen's Foundation.

Those present at the signing included President Inge Jan Henjesand, Professor Torger Reve, Kristin Holth, Head of Shipping, Offshore and Logistics division at DNB and Asbjørn Larsen and Helen Juell from TWS.

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