Dilek Ayhan joins BI Norwegian Business School

5 June 2018

Ayhan will work as a special advisor to BI’s President and the rest of the management team, and she will start her new job this week. She comes from the position of State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

“I am very pleased to add Dilek to the team. We will benefit greatly from her profile, experience and expertise. Education that is relevant in working life has always been BI’s strength. We will further reinforce our cooperation with authorities, innovation, business and knowledge communities. In that regard, Dilek’s proactive character and international network will be assets of great value to BI,” saysPresident Inge Jan Henjesand.

BI aims to deliver the best candidates for a national and international job market.

“The job market of the future will be more knowledge-based, more digital and more global. We will continue to be an attractive partner for leading knowledge centres as well asnational and international companies, and we will train leaders who are able to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and create value,” Henjesand continues.

“Over the next few years, we want to further develop our local, national and international collaboration alliances. Dilek’s expertise and genuine interest in knowledge, technology and people give her a good foundation for contributing to this work,” concludes Henjesand.

Ayhan is excited to contribute to the work to enhance BI’s role in society.

“Society and the labour market are changing rapidly. Technology and internationalisation are drivers for much of what is happening, and for me, this is the perfect time to become part of an ambitious knowledge community built on the backbone ofinnovation,” says Dilek Ayhan.

About Dilek Ayhan

  • Named Young Global Leader in World Economic Forum in 2016.
  • State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries from 16 October 2013 to 17 January 2018. Her responsibilities included maritime/ocean policy, research and innovation policy, trade policy, international/bilateral relations, export financing, travel and tourism and the culture sectors. 
  • Co-founder/General manager in Alarga (2008-2013). Alarga is an organisation that assists Norwegian companies in attracting, further developing and retaining talents with inter-cultural expertise. 
  • She has previously worked as project manager in Oslo Teknopol IKS, where her responsibilities included leading a recruitment project with the objective of improving access to qualified staff and specialists for the knowledge-based clusters in the Oslo region.
  • She is a former head of JADE, a European network for young entrepreneurs, and she has had management responsibility and board positions in several organisations working with diversity and inter-cultural communication.
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