Increased focus on recycling

14 January 2019

BI has added sustainability to the list of key pillars in our new Strategy. In that context, BI has set the ambitious goal of recycling 65 % of waste at our campuses by 2022 (current goal is 33 %). To achieve this we need to focus less on sorting waste and more on recycling.

This is based on Norway's national policy for waste management. The Waste Pyramid below shows how waste is currently being recycled at BI (the bottom circle), but our goal is to climb to the highest circle. The point is to move our waste into a new cycle, and strive toward a circular economy.

The Waste Pyramid

BI has entered into an agreement with a new waste management contractor as of 01.01.2019. Work has already begun to reorganize our current waste management scheme to keep working towards our goal of complying with our strategy.

One important element of the reorganization is how we deal with disposable packaging. Until now, our disposable packaging has been sorted as organic waste because it is biodegradable. This is no longer possible. Regulatory requirements demand that we increase the purity of our waste fractions. From now on, disposable packaging is to be discarded as general/residual waste (i.e. restavfall). We are asking everyone who uses disposable packaging to keep this in mind, and remember that we will only reach our target of 65% if everyone on campus contributes.

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