Record high interest for BI Master Internship 2019

27 June 2019

A record number of 211 full-time MSc students are combining academic knowledge and real-world experience through internships in 94 companies in 2019.

In total, 295 first-year master students applied for internships as an elective this year, nearly twice as many as last year.

“We have changed the model for offering internships this year based on the fact that we understand that the added value of experiential learning for employability is vital”,  says Janicke Rasmussen, Master’s Dean.Janicke Rasmussen

The change in the internship model included developing an open market between all the MSC students and the companies hiring. By not restricting applicants based on their GPA more students are eligible for obtaining real world experience and their skills in daily strategic and operational tasks.

“We ensure a quality MSC education by combining research and theories with work life realities. The internship represent a handshake between academic knowledge and the participating companies.” Associate Professor, Laura Traavik says.Laura Mercer Traavik

Of the 211 master students obtaining internships, 51 are international students.

“We strongly believe that as Norwegian companies, society and the workforce become more global, investing in international interns becomes even more critical for companies to succeed. Their knowledge and skill from other markets t will definitely add value to  the companies hiring them as interns,” Rasmussen adds.

Benefits for companies and interns

HR consultant Sigurd Ytterstad in MAN Truck and Bus, one of the new companies participating in the internship arrangement, sees the  additional benefits of connecting with students before they have graduated from their Masters. He also talks of the possibility of full time positions for the two students they have employed.Internship kick off

Anders Amundsen, one of the two BI-students working for MAN, says he chose to do an internship to get some time off “the books”, to apply what he has learned from theory, but mainly to gain experience and become integrated in working life. 

“I chose MAN Truck and Bus because I want to work in this industry. I was selective with the companies I applied to and searched for those I felt were relevant to my career,” Amundsen says.

The second student, Peter Valderhaug, is of the same opinion and has some ideas about the industry he is curious about. 

“I chose MAN Truck and Bus because I have an interest regarding automation, and I wonder what happens to people and ecosystems around cities and sections that are dependent on transport. What happens when there are fewer people involved in that transport process,” he says.Internship kick off

Status BI Master Internship 2019:

  • 211 students in 94 companies
  • 51 international students
  • 10 students conducting their BI Internship abroad
  • Full-time internship over a period of 8 or 12 weeks
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