SBIO Impact - Sustainability in focus

25 October 2019

The student union at BI is proud to present SBIO Impact working to engage, inspire and empower students and young business leaders in accelerating a safe and sustainable future.

- We are satisfied and proud to have this new unit up and running. It is important for us to take our part of the responsibility to push a sustainable development and sustainable business forward. We are eager to increase the focus on sustainable development, and we hope to work closely with BI on sustainable projects, says the leader of SBIO Impact, Sarah Brogaard.

The Board members of SBIO Impact

SBIO Impact will work as a support function for all other SBIO units by encouraging and helping them to focus on sustainability. One of SBIO Impact’s responsibilities will be to issue the SBIO Environment Compliance Certificate (SBIO ECC). Units can be certified if they meet certain requirements. All groups and units qualifying for this certificate will be awarded a financial support of NOK 5 000 for their dedication and good work within the Student Union. Impact hopes to implement the ECC scheme to all BI campuses by 2020.

In addition, events organized by the student union can be certified as a Green Conference through the Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme. This is a highly acknowledged environmental management systems within Norway and EU. BI Event will approve the certification and work as an intermediary between the student union, BI and the Eco Lighthouse.

Inspire to Impact

SBIO Impact will be a co-organizer of the Go Explorer Day 2020, a conference bringing together faculty, business professionals and students to discuss how to turn climate risks into climate opportunities. This event represents a strong collaboration between players as DNVGL, UN Global Compact and BI.

Impact will also join forces with Inspire, one of Norway’s biggest academic student projects. The goal is to enlighten students about their career opportunities and inspire them have to an impact on new solutions and strategies for the future.

From the President

We believe that today’s students - the future generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, can be a driving force in the fight against climate change. Today’s students, have a drive to create lasting sustainable impact. More than any generation before them” says President of BI Norwegian School, Inge Jan Henjesand.

BI aims to give their students the understanding of business, the knowledge, and the strategies needed to make enduring sustainable changes in business and society.

In this, BI continues to bridge the gap between youthful desire for change and business in need of new strategies and mindsets. Through stronger collaboration with a united student union, we can truly become a force for good.

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