The day SBIO and BIS became BISO

24 January 2020

BISO, or the BI Student Organisation, represents a strengthened and united student voice, promising equal opportunities for BI students at all four campuses.

The merger of the two student unions SBIO and BIS was celebrated on all four campuses with a large kickoff event Thursday.

The merger is a milestone in BI’s history, uniting all students in a simpler and yet more powerful and effective organisation. The idea is that being united will strengthen the work of improving student life at BI.

The celebrations took place at BI’s campuses in Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen. With speeches from both BI’s administration and students, did not only celebrate the new organisation, but also the important unity amongst students.

Speaking to students and colleagues in Stavanger, President Inge Jan Henjesand emphasised the importance of the merger and congratulated everyone involved in the process.

‒ As a business school, we rely on our close cooperation with you to ensure our campuses are places where students can thrive. Be our eyes and ears, and let us know when we can do better, said Henjesand. Further, he urged the students to be there for one another, and always make sure BISO is a place where there is room for everyone.

A united student organisation will help BI to strengthen the bond between its campuses and students, according to Henjesand, who also added that he is looking forward to working together with «the strongest student union BI has ever seen».

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