BI’s first Ombud for Students

3 February 2020

BI’s first Ombud for Students will open her doors from 1 February. The Ombud for Students is an independent and neutral person who can help you with matters related to your study situation.

The Ombud can help you find opportunities if you have challenges or problems related to your time at BI as a student. The Ombud is confidential, the service is free and it is completely non-binding to contact her.

Anita Tøien is BI’s Ombud for Students.

Anita Tøien is BI’s Ombud for Students. She has a Masters of Law from University of Bergen and American University, specializing on conflict management and mediation. Anita has extensive experience from public management, including as an Ombud for Students at OsloMet. 

Feel free to contact the Ombud for Students if you:

  • Have a problem and are not sure where else to go.
  • Believe that someone at BI has treated you badly and is wondering what to do.
  • Have a case related to your study situation but are unsure of the way forward.
  • Have tried to report on or complain about something, but feel that you are not taken seriously or getting an answer.

If the Ombud cannot assist you, you will be referred to the appropriate body.

The Student Ombudsman does not represent BI or the students, but should contribute to an issue being litigated in an impartial manner. The Ombud or Students will ensure that the cases receive proper and correct treatment and that the students' rights are respected.

Contact: studentombud@bi.no

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