PMI Research Grant Awarded to Prof Ralf Müller

12 February 2020

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has awarded its prestigious 2020 research grant to Prof Ralf Müller from BI Norwegian Business School for an investigation of the governance of interorganizational networks for joint projects.

Prof Müller will lead a worldwide team consisting of Prof Nathalie Drouin, University of Quebec in Montreal and Executive Director of KHEOPS, Canada; Professor Fangei Zhu and PhD Candidate Linzhuo Wang from Dalian University of Technology, China; Associate Professor Inga Minelgaite, University of Iceland; Associate Professor Anne-Live Vaagaasar, BI Norwegian Business School; and Dr Yongjian Ke, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

The aims of the investigation are to:

  • Identify the variety of network designs and their governance approaches for long-term interorganizational networks established for multi-project execution over time.
  • Identify the situational and contextual contingencies in the design of these networks and their governance approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as related performance implications.
  • Develop a practitioner-ready framework of practices and theories, together with their contextual contingencies, to better understand, design, adjust, and govern these networks for the benefit of the organizations and their projects.

For that, the team will conduct a series of qualitative case studies followed by a global quantitative questionnaire study, between now and end of 2021.

The findings will improve the understanding of the nature of network governance in the realm of cross-organizational projects, provide governance design options and their contextual contingencies, as well as identify the governance dimensions and quantify their impact on the performance of networks, allowing to fine-tune governance settings to maximize organizational performance.

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