Threatening emails are being investigated by the police

9 July 2020

The police are investigating threatening emails sent to employees at BI Norwegian Business School.

These emails are related to similar threats reported by the top management team in October 2019, which are assumed to come from a former student. The sender has recently changed address and sent emails to different units in the organization, which contain serious threats towards students and employees.

BI takes the threats very seriously, and is in close dialogue with the police. The threats do not affect operations, and BI follows the police's recommendations.

All media inquiries should be directed Senior Communications Advisor Henrik A. Stølen, telephone: +47 952 79 474 or e-mail henrik.stolen@bi.no.

Questions from staff can be directed to senior advisor Magnus Wølner, telephone: +47 958 76 827, or email: magnus.wolner@bi.no.

Inquiries from Students should be directed to Student Counseling, telephone +47 464 10 101 or +47 464 10 246, or e-mail to counselling@bi.no.

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