Students at BI Campus Bergen tested positive for COVID-19

24 August 2020

Two students at BI campus Bergen has tested positive for COVID-19. BI has implemented necessary measures in consultation with local health authorities in Bergen.

One of the students became ill on 18 August and tested positive for COVID-19 on 21 August, but has not been on campus since 11 August. The other student tested positive on 24 August. Nine other students have been quarantined.

BI’s most important task is to ensure that the students receive necessary assistance at the same time helping the health authorities in their work to limit the extent of infection. BI is continuously assessing the need to implement further infection control measures in consultation with the local health authorities in Bergen.

Media Contacts:
Ole Petter Syrrist-Leite: ole.p.syrrist-leite@bi.no
Henrik Stølen: henrik.stolen@bi.no

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