BI renews major contract for management education program in the primary health care service

26 October 2020

BI Norwegian Business School renews its contract with the Norwegian Directorate of Health to deliver national management education program for the primary health care service for a new period of up to nine years.

Since 2015, BI has developed and delivered executive management education for the Norwegian healthcare sector. More than 1000 managers have already graduated from the national management education for primary health care service.

“Continuing the close collaboration with the Norwegian health authorities through this contract renewal is a declaration of trust we hold in high esteem. We will continue to live up to expectations in the important social mission - educating leaders who can contribute to improved health care services in Norway, “President Inge Jan Henjesand at BI Norwegian Business School, says.

Among other things, the education enables managers to contribute to to improvements of day-to-day operations, interactions across services, and the development of their own and employees’ competences within innovation, change management and use of technology.

Full score on quality 

BI won the tender from the Norwegian Directorate of Health in competition with two other providers, where the client particularly praised BI for the program design which ensures that the participants acquire research-based knowledge in combination with practical skills and tools in line with learning objectives and challenges.

In total, BI scored 100 out of 100 points under the award criterion ‘quality’.

“For the primary health care services, we see that this is something that contributes to concrete improvements in the service, especially due to the emphasis on change management and innovation to foster new ways of working that are absolutely crucial. This is the new reality for leaders within this sector, where things rapidly change,” says Minister of Health Bent Høie.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration 

The continuation of the current program also addresses the specific need of the health care sector for strengthening innovation, and understanding digitalization, service design and use of new technology.

“The program is a prime example of how cross-disciplinary collaboration can enable participants to face complex challenges, by combining knowledge about leading major changes and organizational restructuring processes, with adaptation of new working methods, new technology, and organization of services,” says Provost Amir Sasson at BI Norwegian Business School.

Through several years, BI has invested considerably to create a strong academic environment at the research center ‘Center for Health Care Management’, and has a clear ambition to contribute to further development of the health care sector in Norway.

Through several tailor-made educational programs and large-scale research projects, BI has gained extensive experience with innovation in the public sector. As a strategic competence partner for the Norwegian Directorate of Health and KS (The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities), BI’s goal is to strengthen the municipalities’ role in the interaction within the national health care service.

“While Norwegian health care services face complex challenges in the short- and long terms, managers are challenged to release the potential of improvement work, to achieve the overall goal of contributing to better health services for users and patients. Through teaching that constitutes two interdependent parallel learning paths, we ensure the development of individual leadership skills as well as of innovative solutions in the organizations the participants come from,” says Programme Director Bjørn Erik Mørk at BI Norwegian Business School.

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