Access to Nettskjema

12 November 2020

BI has entered into an agreement with the University of Oslo that secures access to Nettskjema (a tool for designing and conducting online surveys) for BI’s employees and students.

Nettskjema has the most commonly required features for designing and managing online surveys and it is specifically designed to meet Norwegian privacy requirements.

Respondents can submit answers from a browser on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Nettskjema also has a dictaphone app which sends the audio files directly into Nettskjema, increasing its accessibility.

In addition, BI is looking into entering into an agreement with the University of Oslo regarding Sensitive Data services (TSD). Nettskjema and TSD together will make it possible to conduct research that requires the collection of highly sensitive data, for instance health information.

For more about Nettskjema visit their homepage.

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