BI’s Christmas donation goes to WWF

13 November 2020

Each year, BI donates the annual employee Christmas gift to charitable causes. In 2020, NOK 200,000 goes to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and their efforts to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean.

Just like this year’s NRK Telethon, the donation goes to WWF's project "Et hav av muligheter". By establishing and improving waste management systems for more than 900,000 people living in Southeast Asia, the fundraising campaign will contribute to reducing annual emissions of 7,000 tonnes of plastic in rivers and the ocean.

- This is a campaign close to BI’s heart. We have implemented several measures to reduce our impact on the environment, such as our decision to eliminate all use of disposable plastics by 2022, says President Inge Jan Henjesand.

Sustainability has been a central part of BI's strategy for several years and is a popular cause among many of the school’s students and staff. In March 2020, BI was awarded the prize "Plastløftet" from Green Dot Norway for the efforts to reduce the use of plastic and single use packaging.

In 2017, BI also set a goal to achieve a 65 % material recycling rate by 2022.

- In September this year, it became clear that we are on the right path of reaching our goal for Campus Oslo by having increased the recycling rate from 25 % to 58 % in just under three years, says Henjesand.

BI is working to achieve the same results on plastic and material recycling at the campuses in Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. In 2020, both Bergen and Trondheim invested in cutlery, plates, and dishwashing machines to reduce single use packaging to a minimum.

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