Research to address societal challenges

22 December 2020

On 16th December, the Research Council of Norway announced funding for 265 research projects at a total of NOK 2.65 bn. BI Faculty will lead two of these projects.

Almost 2400 projects applied. According to the Research Council of Norway, funds go to researchers in all career stages, and will contribute to research innovation in all disciplines and thematic areas.

BI Faculty will lead the following projects:

  • Professor Jon H. Fiva leads the project "The dynamics of political selection”, which receives NOK 12 million.
  • Professor Hilde Christiane Bjørnland leads the project “The Corona-crisis, structural change, and macroeconomic policy”, which receives NOK 12 million.

- The corona pandemic, the climate crisis and the green transition show how important cutting edge research is for society. These funds strengthen the quality of Norwegian research and can give us the knowledge we need to make it through the crises, create new businesses and jobs and increase employment, says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim.

Through the Research Council of Norway, the Government also invests in research projects to solve societal challenges.

BI Faculty will participate in two of these projects:

  • Associate Professor Matilda Dorotic and professor Luk Warlop are partners in the project "AI4Citizen: Responsible AI for Citizen Safety in Future Smart Cities", led by NTNU.
  • Professor Nina Veflen and Associate Professor Carlos Velasco are partners in the project "FoodLessons: Culinary Heritage as a Resource in Developing Food Nation Norway 2030", led by OsloMet. The project is financed by the Norwegian Agriculture Agency.

Read more on the web pages of the Research Council of Norway.

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