FNI Update December – Leaving 2020 below trend

9 January 2021

The FNI was last updated 31 December.

The FNI index for the Norwegian economy has been updated with figures up to and including 31 December. After periodically strengthening through parts of the autumn, the index stabilized at more normal levels in October and November. Throughout December however, the FNI shows a negative trend.

In line with increased infection pressure and increased uncertainty in the markets related to the US election, the FNI index fell sharply by the end of October. However, this decline was not persistent, and overall, the index stabilized at more normal levels during the fall.  From the December update, it seems like the index is again decreasing. By the end of December, the level of the FNI index is below trend.

To read more about the use of textual data, we recommend: Thorsrud, Leif Anders (2018), “Words are the new numbers: A newsy coincident index of the business cycle”, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics.

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