Record high number of publication points

9 April 2021

BI’s long term focus on research yields results.

The Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) today announced publication numbers for Norwegian research institutions in 2020. BI has 456 publication points, up from 405 in 2019. BI produces 1.26 publication points per faculty member, up from 1.12 in 2019. Ranking on 7th place out of all Norwegian higher education institutions.

“BI’s foundation is that we shall be research based, learning oriented and connected. This increase in publication points is the result of a long term focus on building strong academic communities and good research, with a special emphasis on international collaboration and publication in the best international journals. I am very proud of what our faculty has achieved,” says President Inge Jan Henjesand.

BI publication points 2016-2020.

Provost for Research and Academic Resources Hilde C. Bjørnland is pleased with the development.

“BI should be a leading provider of research on business and economics in Norway, and amongst the foremost European research institutions in the field. These numbers demonstrate that we hold a strong position, and that we are moving in the right direction,” she says.

BI places particular emphasis on the ranking of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (ABS), which ranks the quality of scientific journals on a scale from 1-4.

Journals ranked 3, 4 and 4* (4 star) are considered amongst the best in their fields globally. The most prestigious journals rank in the 4* category and are characterized by very high citation numbers and excellent scientific quality.

“I am especially happy to see the increase in 4* publications. This shows that BI researchers are publishing at the highest level of international research,” says Bjørnland.

Top publications 2016-2020.

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