BI receives funding for research on finance markets

24 June 2021

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) awards Assistant Professor Sven Klingler NOK 8 million.

Sven Klingler

Assistant Professor Sven Klingler.

“Congratulations to Sven! This grant shows that BI’s academic community in finance is among the best in Norway. I look forward to seeing the results from this important research,” says President of BI Inge Jan Henjesand.

Klingler is awarded funding from the Young Talents programme at the RCN, directed at researchers under 40 who have demonstrated their potential to carry out high quality research.

“This is money that benefits all of society. The development of vaccines against the coronavirus has shown us how important it is to prioritize good research. Knowledge and research is crucial to solving big societal challenges,” says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim.

Klingler is very happy to receive the money.

“I feel honored about the trust the RCN places in my research agenda and see this grant as a huge opportunity to make a meaningful contribution,” he says.

Funding frictions

The title of Klingler’s project is ‘Funding frictions after the global financial crisis’.

“Funding frictions are tensions in financial markets that can preclude institutions from borrowing money or rolling over debt. In this project, I will investigate how funding frictions affect financing conditions for countries, banks, pension plans, and life insurance companies,” he says.

BI’s Department of Finance is internationally recognized and ranks among the best in Europe.

“This is great news. Funding from the RCN clearly shows the quality of BI’s research and contributes to strengthening our academic communities,” says Provost for Research and Academic Resources Hilde C. Bjørnland.

Highly competitive

Klingler is among 260 researchers who received funding from the RCN this week. Competition is tough, and there were more than 2000 applicants.

“Competition for research funding enables us to invest in the best research and researchers in all career stages. Almost a thousand experts have been involved in evaluating the applications. The competition is stiff and regrettably there are many good applications that do not receive funding. The quality of the research has been the decisive factor for success,” says Chief Executive of the RCN Mari Sundli Tveit.

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