BI joins project on sustainable food production

12 July 2021

Matilda Dorotic and Luk Warlop from BI´s Department of Marketing join new research project seeking to ensure sustainable food production in cities.

The project is called SmartFood and is funded by EEA and Norway grants, an initiative to reduce economic and social disparities in 15 EU countries in Eastern and Central Europe. The SmartFood project is led by Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia (Poland). Six institutions are involved, three of them Norwegian. BI receives 1,8 million NOK through the project.

The project integrates existing research of urban food consumption and production, with an approach to co-creation of insect- and vegetarian-based food without using any soil or land. Instead, the project aims to increase the usage of local rainwater and solar energy.

One of the key elements of the project is to engage local citizens to think more sustainable. Dorotic and Warlop will be working on field experiments that analyze ways citizens can be engaged to reduce food waste and be more self-sufficient. One of the project´s focus areas is on food production in urban areas.

- The project is exciting because it represents a true sustainability collaboration. It brings together researchers from fields as diverse as horticulture, air quality, water management, technology applications, social anthropology, and behavioral social science. Such a holistic approach to sustainability is truly needed, because it is only through such multidisciplinary approach that we can find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, says Dorotic.

SmartFood aims to make a significant contribution towards fulfilling the long-term vision of the cities, by ensuring sustainable food production. Switching to more sustainable food consumption and production will lead to more healthy eating habits, reduce food waste, and strengthen communal connections in urban buildings.

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