Teaching students the art of storytelling at BI´s Summer School

7 July 2021

One of this year´s courses at BI´s Summer School is the art of storytelling.

The annual summer school at BI offers students more flexibility in scheduling  their time in the spring or fall semesters. The two last Summer Schools have been digital, due to restrictions caused by the corona virus. Unlike last year, however, this year it is finally open to bachelor students as well. Over 200 students are participating in one of four Bachelor, or one of three Master courses this summer.

One of the courses of the Summer School this year is “the art of storytelling for business practices”. The course is held by Terje Gaustad from the Department of Communication and Culture.

“I aim to teach the students the crucial role that storytelling plays in organizations and marketing. To develop the skills of storytelling, we open the “black box” of a story to explicate, articulate and codify the nature of the story. Students learn to structure stories to become an important tactical tool at the disposal of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs", says Terje Gaustad.

Gaustad, Terje IMG_6460

Assistant Professor, Terje Gaustad


Maurice Weber is one of the students who is learning storytelling this summer. He studies a General Management Master at HHL Graduate School of Management in Leipzig, one of BI´s partner schools. Weber says that the course is highly interactive, and the students are eager to discuss the lecture topics. Weber says his plan is to move into the sector of finance and this course will help him to better analyze companies and their business strategy.

“This course will help me to identify and assess these stories, better understand the storytellers´ objectives, and thereby make better judgements on companies in general. On the other hand, the knowledge can also be used to craft better and more persuasive stories which could, for instance, be applied to one´s own future job interviews, selling oneself more convincingly”, says Weber.

Maurice Weber, student at HHL Graduate School of Management, Leipzig


Weber tells the course is well adapted for digital teaching. The interactive part of the course takes place in breakout-rooms where students share and discuss their perspective and findings.

“This year students represent a wide range of fields and geography, including  Bachelor of Business Administration, communication and marketing, and entrepreneurship. In total we have 20 students participating in this course”, says Terje Gaustad.

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