The quality work at BI meets all requirements from NOKUT

6 July 2021

On July 5 2021 BI Norwegian Business School received the audit report from NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) about BI’s (systematic) quality work on both the institutional and program level.

Both the report and BI's statement will be presented to NOKUT’s board on October 26. President of BI Norwegian Business School, Inge Jan Henjesand, is very pleased with the expert committee's recommendation.

“We now see the result of structured and targeted quality work over time. I am proud of BI's dedication and willingness to systematize and improve both processes and routines to raise the quality of our studies and programs,” says Henjesand.

Nye bilder Inge Jan Henjesand 20

President of BI Norwegian Business School, Inge Jan Henjesand

In the report, the committee concludes with the following:

“The systematic quality work at BI Norwegian Business School is satisfactory: All requirements in the Universities and University Colleges Act §§ 1-6 and 4-3 (4), the study quality regulations § 2-1 (2) and the study supervision regulations § 4-1 are met. The members of the committee have confidence that the institution's systematic quality work ensures and further develops the quality of education.”

Provost Academic Programmes, Bendik M. Samuelsen, has been responsible for revising, developing and introducing a new study quality system at BI, a work that has been ongoing since August 2018.

“I am pleased that three years of systematic work have been recognized by NOKUT's expert committee. During this period, we have clarified and formalized roles, responsibilities, quality areas and decision-making processes. I am pleased to experience that quality throughout the learning path is now being discussed on a broad level in the organization and that an open, committed and inclusive quality culture is emerging.”

Bendik Samuelsen 4

 Provost Academic Programmes, Bendik Meling Samuelsen

NOKUT has assessed BI’s quality work at an institutional level in addition to five selected study offers. Some of the conclusions in the report are as following:

  • “The quality work at BI Norwegian Business School meets all requirements in current law and regulations. The business school has had a good development since the previous audit. BI has worked systematically with the development of quality work, and the school has developed a well-thought-out quality system that contributes to ensuring and further developing the quality of the educations. The quality work is well documented, it is clearly structured and anchored, and the integrity of the quality work appears to be good. The committee experiences that the management at various levels works well to ensure quality in the educations.”
  • “The committee would like to emphasize in particular that BI's quality system has good and systematized process and role descriptions. The committee believes that this has been important for clarifying responsibilities, and for making the various actors safe in their work. The committee would also like to emphasize that the business school works very well with the operationalization of the quality areas, with defined indicators and threshold values ​​for each quality area. BI's dashboard functions as a common platform for quality work for all employees. Together with the digital handbook, it contributes to greater openness and systematics around BI's quality work. The committee believes that it is of great value to BI that all quality work is gathered in this way. Results from the dashboard are a useful tools for further developing the quality of the programme offerings.”

“Feedback like this motivates us to continue working for even higher quality in our educational offerings,” concludes Samuelsen.


NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) is an independent expert body under the Ministry of Education and Research. The board of NOKUT is the agency's supreme governing body.

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