18 new PhD candidates started this week

26 August 2021

This week 18 new PhD candidates from Asia, South America and Europe started at BI. An introduction seminar to the PhD program marked the kick-off for their academic career.

The candidates were given a presentation of BI´s PhD program and what BI offers the students. This was also the day where the students met for the first time and got to know each other across fields of research.

A PhD program is a starting line into an academic career. The program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in what they are most interested in while they get financial support for their projects. Øyvind Norli, Dean for the PhD program, says the program is a long and exciting journey.

- We are doing all we can for our students at BI. Our goal is that our students will be excellent researchers in the end. The journey will mostly be inspiring, but our students will also experience some frustration in some periods. In this program we are also teaching students to handle this frustration, says Norli.

This year BI offers the following areas of specialization:

  • Marketing
  • Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • Leadership and Organization

- BI has a stable growth in the applications, which illustrates that BI is considered an attractive school. We also see students coming to BI from all over the world. This year we have students from both Asia, South America and Europe, says Oda Nedberg Lyngstad, Advisor at BI´s Research administration Office.

About the PhD program

  • Candidates are temporarily employed by BI and receive financial support for four years.
  • The scholarship is the PhD candidate´s salary from BI.
  • They work closely with well-established researchers who actively publish in academic journals.
  • They develop their own research in close cooperation with the supervisor and is well positioned for a career in academia after completing a PhD at BI.
  • Candidates of the program teach their area of expertise for 25 per cent of their course study.
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