BI establishes new education program to design more accountable AI systems

24 August 2021

The program aims to teach leaders to handle digital challenges in the future.

With support from Kompetanse Norge (now a part of the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills), the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society establishes a new executive program to help design more accountable AI systems. The program is called “AI and Data Accountability Management”.

Professor and one of the project managers at the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society, Christian Fieseler, tells the program aims to help students go back to their companies and ensure that they had built solid AI systems.

- We are now designing a new program together with several industry actors. AI and Data Accountability Management will have several themes at its core; how do you predict challenges in digital accountability? How do you explain and design artificial intelligence? And how do you ensure that the AI is ethical? says Christian Fieseler.

David Sagen, Director of Executive Programs at BI, says this is one of three projects this year that are being funded by the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. The directorate is funding several projects through their new skills reform “Lifelong Learning”. Digital Compliance and Sustainability in practice are two other programs coming from BI in the future.

The target group for the program are top leaders, leaders in the business of technology, project leaders, politicians, and other actors in the technology business. BI has received 1.9 million NOK from Kompetanse Norge and is soon going to start the process of recruiting participants to the pilot. The program aims to launch February 2023. Kongsberg Innovation, Abelia, ICT-Norway and Digital Norway are being involved as partners in the program.

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