Luk Warlop appointed to the board of EIASM

9 September 2021

The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management has appointed BI´s Luk Warlop as a member of the board.

EIASM´s mission is to support innovative, responsible and impactful research in management and governance, and has been operative since 1971. EIASM has a strong focus on building collaborative networks and facilitating conferences, seminars and workshops. Its most successful network is EDEN, which is EIASM´s Doctoral Education Network. This network has been active since 1988. BI has previously been a member of the EIASM Academic Council.

Luk Warlop is a Professor at BI´s Department of Marketing and was appointed as member of the board of the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in August 2021. Warlop tells he is honored to be a part of the future development of the institute.

- EIASM offers an extensive program of ECTS-granting PhD courses and workshops, ran by leading scholars from around the world, and serves as the back office for seven major European academic associations, jointly covering all business disciplines. Its members are all major European business schools and university business departments. As a board we try to improve the educational portfolio, as well as EIASM’s role as a service provider to its associations. As the former president of one of these associations (EMAC), I am familiar with many of the current challenges, and I am looking forward to contribute to solutions at the higher level. I think that it also has a positive side-effect for BI that we have someone from the school represented in the board, and of course I hope to re-gain BI as a member school in the future, says Warlop.

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