NOKUT approves BI’s quality work

28 October 2021

The decision was made after NOKUT discussed the case in a board meeting 27 October.

As early as in July, NOKUT’s audit report concluded that BI meets all the requirements in current laws and regulations. Based on the expert committee’s recommendation, as well as BI’s response to the committee’s comments, NOKUT’s board made the following decision this week: 

The systematic quality work at BI Norwegian Business School is satisfactory: All requirements in the Universities and University Colleges Act §§ 1-6 and 4-3 (4), the study quality regulations § 2-1 (2) and the study supervision regulations § 4-1 are met.  

President Inge Jan Henjesand says he is proud of how the organisation has engaged in the work of developing, documenting and organizing BI’s quality work since 2018, when a pilot audit found several deficiencies in BI’s quality work. Henjesand also praises NOKUT’s role in the process. 

“The NOKUT audit has helped us on the road towards establishing a quality culture that is more transparent, more inclusive and more predictable for all parties. NOKUT’s decision gives us great motivation to continue providing education that is recognised by quality in all aspects, throughout the entire learning journey” Henjesand says.  

Provost for Academic Programmes, Bendik Meling Samuelsen, has been responsible for revising and further developing a new quality system at BI for the past three years. He is pleased to see that the systematic work has given positive results and says that the collaboration with NOKUT has worked very well. 

“Quality work in a large and complex organisation like BI involves a set of challenges that smaller institutions do not face. Instead of comparing us to how others are organised, NOKUT has shown a great tolerance for our distinctive character and our way of working. To us, NOKUT’s decision is a solid recognition of several years of systematic efforts, that we are humble and proud to receive,” Samuelsen says.  


  • The expert committee from NOKUT has assessed the systematic quality work at BI Norwegian Business School based on written documentation from BI and visits to the school 23-25 March 2021. BI received the recommendation 5 July 2021.  
  • The committee’s members included Geir Egil Dahle Øien (NTNU), Monica Alterskjær Sundset (UiT), Tina Bering Keiding (Aarhus University) and Kristin Aldrige (HINN).  
  • In the final audit report, Managing Director, Kristin Vinje writes that NOKUT wants to: “thank all employees and students at BI Norwegian Business School that have contributed to the committee’s work by documenting the quality work and participating in interviews, among other things”. 
    Source: NOKUT 
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