BI will replace school exams with digital home exams from 7 December

4 December 2021

Due to increasing infection rates, as well as uncertainty and stricter quarantine rules tied to the new Omicron variant, BI has decided to replace all school exams with digital home exams from Tuesday 7 Dec. to the end of the exam period (7 Jan.)

Exam type and date remain the same
BI has a number of planned school exams until 21 December. The time and length of the exam, as well as the type of exam (e.g., multiple choice, written, etc.), will remain unchanged. All exams will be completed in Wiseflow. Read more about digital home exams here on the Student Portal.

15 minutes additional time 
School exams that are replaced with home exams will have 15 minutes additional time. This time should be used to upload and turn in the exam paper (including compressing or converting the file if necessary). Start uploading your paper in time – it is YOUR responsibility to submit!

School exams are conducted on Monday 6 December
BI will carry out the planned school exams on Monday 6 December. Students that for various reasons do not want to complete their school exam on this day will have a new opportunity to take the exam in January. Those that choose not to attend must submit a self-certification form.

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