Regarding the situation in Ukraine

24 February 2022

BI has students from Ukraine, Russia, and neighboring countries. Our main priority is to care for them as best we can.

BI Norwegian Business School does not currently have any students in Russia or Ukraine. In Norway we have 38 students with Russian citizenship, and 23 students with Ukrainian citizenship.

We encourage students who worry about or are affected by the ongoing situation in Ukraine to get in touch with our student counsellors at counselling@bi.no.

‘’The images from Ukraine are shocking and I am deeply concerned about the situation the Ukrainian people are facing. BI Norwegian Business School has students from Ukraine, Russia and neighboring countries in the region. Our main priority right now is to care for them as best we can," says Inge Jan Henjesand, President of BI Norwegian Business School.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has decided that Ukrainian citizens currently in Norway on permits or visa-free visits that expire can continue to be here until further notice. You can find more details on the UDI website.

For press requests, please contact Communications Advisor Knut Myrum Næss at +47 41241304, or knut.m.nass@bi.no.


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