Anders Gustafsson joins AMA’s Board of Directors

31 March 2022

After becoming the first ever non-American President of their Academic Council three years ago, BI’s Research Professor Anders Gustafsson has been invited to join the American Marketing Association’s Board of Directors.

The AMA Board of Directors is a governing board of the American Marketing Association, a non-profit organization and one of the largest and most renown marketing associations in the world, with more than 20,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing across the globe.

Across all of its events, publications and platforms, the AMA is the go-to-source for nearly two million marketers each year. It serves not only the academic community, but also the collegiate and the marketing practitioner communities.

As a board member, Gustafsson will serve in both a governance and advisory capacity for the AMA, guiding them strategically and ensuring they remain fiscally responsible.

“The American Marketing Association is a dominant force and thought leaders in the international marketing community. The AMA is already in excellent shape financially, they are doing a lot of exciting things and continue to shape the world of marketing, both inside and outside the academic community,” says Gustafsson.

In commenting on the reasoning behind their nomination, the nomination committee highlights Gustafsson’s research record, his stature in the field and his excellent contributions in his role as President of the AMA Academic Council.

Gustafsson's research areas include customer satisfaction and loyalty, management of customer relationships, and consumer behavior.

AMA members participate in annual elections for new candidates to the Board of Directors and other AMA councils. Gustafsson will start as a board member in July 2022 for a three-year term.

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