BI condemns Russia’s attacks on Ukraine

1 March 2022

BI strongly condemns the Russian attacks and will fund humanitarian aid to the local population in Ukraine, in addition to establishing scholarships earmarked for Ukrainian students.

The Norwegian education sector stands for freedom of speech, respect and cooperation. A united Universities in Norway (UiR) condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. Together with UiR, BI asks Russia to withdraw and end the war.

”As an academic institution, we condemn the invasion of Ukraine. We hold the responsible authorities in Russia accountable for these actions. BI has employees and students from both Ukraine, Russia, and their neighboring countries. Our main priority right now is to take care of them as best we can,” says President of BI Norwegian Business School, Inge Jan Henjesand.

Humanitarian aid and financial support to students

BI has decided to give NOK 300,000 for humanitarian aid to the local population of Ukraine. The funds are given through the aid organization Red Cross.

Furthermore, BI will develop a financial aid programme to support Ukrainian students who are applying for admission to BI for the upcoming academic year that will cover education and residence in Norway.

‘’In a desperate situation for Ukraine, we must do what we can to show our solidarity and support,’’ says Henjesand.

Support for students and staff:

  • We encourage students who are concerned about or affected by the situation to contact our student counsellors at counselling@bi.no.
  • Employees who are concerned can contact BI's psychosocial counselling partner Moment directly.


  • As of 1 March, BI Norwegian Business School does not have students in either Ukraine or Russia. In Norway, BI currently has 38 students with Russian citizenship, and 23 students with Ukrainian citizenship.
  • The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI) has decided that Ukrainian citizens visiting Norway on expiring permits or visas may remain in Norway until further notice. 
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