BI graduates in high demand

11 March 2022

95 percent of MSc students get a job offer within 6 months, up from 86 percent in 2021. This is according to BI Norwegian Business School’s labour market survey for 2022.

“The demand for graduates from BI continues to increase in line with the big changes we have seen in labour markets the last years. The 2022 survey is especially strong and shows that BI’s programmes provide our students with highly sought-after skills both in Norway and internationally,” says President of BI Norwegian Business School Inge Jan Henjesand.

The programmes in law and business, quantitative finance, and accounting are especially strong with 100 percent employment within 6 months of graduation.

For the bachelor programmes, 86 percent of graduates found work within 6 months.

Job offers before graduation

83 percent of MSc students and half of bachelor students accepted a job offer before finishing their studies.

The banking, finance and insurance industry hires the greatest number of BI graduates, followed by the consulting industry, IT-companies, and accounting firms. Norway’s largest bank DnB, Deloitte, EY and PwC remain the most popular employers.

The average salary for newly hired BI graduates increased by 4 percent, from NOK 463 000 in 2021 to NOK 482 000 in 2022. When including bonus and extra benefits, the increase in average compensation was 7,6 percent, from NOK 497 000 in 2021 to NOK 535 000 in 2022.

“BI’s close connection with business and our continued efforts to develop skills and knowledge that are relevant and in demand are BI’s most important strengths. We work systematically to enable our students to find relevant work quickly after graduation,” says Henjesand.


  • BI Norwegian Business School annually conducts a labour market survey.
  • This year the survey was sent to 3098 students. The response rate was 35 percent.
  • 97 percent of students consider a friendly working environment to be important or very important when looking for a job.
  • Over 90 percent consider engaging tasks and opportunities for professional and personal development to be important or very important.
  • 83 percent consider a high salary to be important or very important.
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