BI faculty win award for outstanding economic research

21 June 2022

Espen R. Moen and Plamen T. Nenov were awarded the Hicks-Tinbergen award 2022 for their outstanding article published in the Journal of the European Economic Association.

"We feel deeply honored to receive this prestigious award from the European Economic Association. It definitely came as a surprise, and it has given us additional motivation and encouragement to continue pursuing the broader research agenda that the awarded article is part of", say Nenov and Moen.

The award is handed out every second year by the European Economic Association. Moen and Nenov, from the Department of Economics at BI, with Florian Sniekers from Tilburg University, won the award for their paper “Buying first or selling first in Housing markets”.

The winning article looks at whether moving homeowners start by buying a new home or by selling their current home. It started out as an exploration of a simple idea: when more people buy before they sell, this increases the ratio of buyers to sellers in the market and push house prices up.

"Congratulations to Espen and Plamen! This award is a proof of the quality of their research and will serve as an inspiration for future work for our colleagues. We are very pleased to have them as colleagues at our department", says Tommy Sveen, Head of Department of Economics.

The two of them have published several op-eds in Dagens Næringsliv where they present both the article and their follow-up work.

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