Inauguration ceremony of incoming President Karen Spens

21 June 2022

Last week, colleagues and honoured guests gathered at BI for the inauguration of the incoming president, Karen Spens.

The Chair of the Board of Trustees, Åse Aulie Michelet, proudly introduced the incoming president.

“I am very pleased that we at BI attracted such an excellent candidate and that she also happens to be BI’s first female and first international president! She is everything BI is looking for, and I am confident that she – together with her new provost team – will build upon Inge Jan’s work and successfully lead BI into the future,” Michelet saidÅse Aulie Michelet holds speech at Inauguration Ceremony for Karen Spens

Åse Aulie Michelet


President Inge Jan Henjesand expressed gratitude and confidence when transferring the presidential chain to Karen Spens.

“It has been a privilege and a pleasure for me to lead BI these last eight years, together with great colleagues. I believe, however, that change is important. For people, for organisations, and to facilitate an environment where innovation and creative thinking is valued. Today, I am thankful for everything I have gotten to experience. I am optimistic as well, for Karen and everything she will achieve with her colleagues at BI in the years to come,” he said.

Inge Jan Henjesand transfers presidential chain to Karen Spens

Karen Spens and Inge Jan Henjesand

Spens has been rector of Hanken School of Economics since 2015. She becomes BI Norwegian Business School’s ninth president on 1 August 2022.

“I look forward to my new position with eagerness, but also with humbleness, as BI is a place that many of us at other business schools look up to. We have a school that we can be truly proud of, and I am honoured to have been chosen to take care of this school for the next four years,” Spens saidKaren Spens holds speech at Inauguration Ceremony for Karen Spens

Karen SpensEmma Steinbakken performs at BI stage

Emma SteinbakkenOle Erik Almlid holds speech at Inauguration Ceremony for Karen Spens

Ole Erik Almlid, NHO

Girl plays violinCrowd of people drinking and eating


Watch the recording of the ceremony:

Inauguration ceremony of incoming President Karen Spens

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