Shooting in Oslo last night

25 June 2022

Last night, there was a horrible tragedy in Oslo.

Last updated 26 June 10:54.

Two people are confirmed dead and several are injured. Consequently, both the pree-parade gathering in Botanisk Hage and the Pride parade are cancelled.

"Our deepest sympathy and love go out to victims and to all affected by this this tragedy", says president Inge Jan Henjesand.

BI is following the situation closely and are in contact with the police and Oslo Pride's crisis staff.

Do you need someone to talk to?
Are you feeling worried, scared, or anxious after the tragic event that took place in Oslo this weekend? BI’s counselling service are here for you. Contact them at councelling@bi.no.

SiO Health Services
SiO are also available to help. Come alone, with one friend, or many. You can call SiO Health Services Monday-Friday (daytime) on (+47) 22 85 33 00 for more information.

Contact info:
BI's security manager: Magnus Wølner, phone: +47 958 76 827
Executive vice president communication, Yngve Kveine, phone: +47 46410640

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