BI launches master’s programme in law

17 October 2022

NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) approves BI Norwegian Business School’s master’s programme in law. BI can now offer a five year programme in law with focus on business and economics.

“This is great news! We have worked for several years to offer education in law at BI. Throughout the process we have collaborated closely with business community and top administrative autorities and are very happy to be able to offer skills and knowledge in high demand,” says Karen Spens, President of BI Norwegian Business School.

Karen Spens in the presidents office

BI decided to develop bachelor’s and master’s programmes in law after the Norwegian Parliament changed regulations in 2021 to enable all higher education institutions to request approval from NOKUT to offer master’s programmes in law, psychology and theology. BI recently decided to launch a bachelor’s programme in law.

“BI has since the 1990s focused on building up research and teaching capacity in law, and has one of Norway’s leading academic departments in the field. With NOKUT’s approval we are ready to challenge established Norwegian institutions and offer a programme that gives candidates the possibility to practice as an attorney-at-law. Students will be offered a programme that combines practical skills with an understanding of how the economy works, and knowledge of complex national and European capital and market regulation says Morten Kinander, Head of Department for The of Department of Law and Governance.

Morten Kinander

BI’s Department of Law and Governance is home to one of Norway’s largest academic communities within business law, tax law, labour law, real estate, and economic history, as well as corporate responsibility, climate strategies, and political economy.

In July 2022, NOKUT ruled that BI had to further strengthen research and teaching competence in law in order to be approved for a master’s programme. As a consequence of this, BI hired Johan Boucht from The Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo, Marius Emberland from the Attorney General for Civil Affairs, Ellen Johanne Eftestøl from The Faculty of Law at Helsingfors University, and Jon Petter Rui from The Faculty of Law at The University of Bergen.

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