Leadership development in focus for Veidekke and BI

4 October 2022

A new group of Scandinavian managers from the construction company Veidekke will spend the next year participating in a customised management programme at BI Norwegian Business School.

Åpning av kull 2 i topplederprogram for Veidekke 27.09.2022 07

Last week, 34 Veidekke leaders participated in the first of a total of six modules in the Horisont programme, which has been developed specifically for Veidekke and its strategic priorities towards 2025. The first cohort of managers completed their programme in August, and the ambition is that 150 Veidekke managers will go through the programme by 2024. 

"We are proud to have been given the responsibility to strengthen the expertise in strategic and results-oriented management for a leading company like Veidekke. Research and teaching in the construction industry is a priority for BI, and this program is truly a flagship for us in this context”, says Karen Spens, President of BI Norwegian Business School. 

Better learning and interaction 

The aim of the programme is to promote leadership in the balance between structure and culture, as well as increase customer and business understanding in order to create a broader arena for experience sharing across Veidekke's business areas.  

“This is a tailor-made programme based on some of Veidekke's most important strategic challenges, opportunities and priorities. In the program, we use some of BI's top academics within areas such as sustainability, project portfolios and corporate governance. At the same time, we will also facilitate the sharing of experiences and discussions between the participants, since we believe this is so important for creating even better learning and interaction across Veidekke's business areas," says Professor Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, who is the course responsible for the Horisont programme.  

Åpning av kull 2 i topplederprogram for Veidekke 27.09.2022 12Kvålshaugen is also affiliated with BI's Centre for the Construction Industry. Since 2005, the centre has worked to develop research-based knowledge about and educational programmes for the industry.

Veidekke: – Incredibly valuable 

The programme is also delivered in collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Two of the modules will be held in Sweden and Denmark, with lecturers from SSE, CBS and BI.  

In an interview with bygg.no (requires login) earlier this year, Veidekke CEO Jimmy Bengtsson described the top management program as "incredibly valuable" and that it has really lived up to their expectations.  

“Obviously, it's costly to tie up 30 senior executives for many days with courses, but this creates way more value than it costs. It is valuable to have time to slow down a little and reflect on your own situation and leadership. Here we have a large group that discusses strategy together, and as a result of this we create strong connections between the top managers in Veidekke. It is extremely valuable," Bengtsson said in the interview. 

More about the program:  

  • Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest construction companies with approximately 8100 employees and an annual turnover of around 40 billion NOK.  
  • Spread over five classes, a total of 150 of Veidekke's top managers will complete the programme. 
  • Among the participants in this year's cohort are employees from Veidekke in Norway and Sweden, as well as colleagues from Veidekke’s Danish subsidiary Hoffman. 
  • The program is split into six modules and the last module will take place in August 2023.
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