BI enters into agreement with Harvard Summer School

7 February 2023

BI has signed a collaboration agreement with Harvard Division of Continuing Education, allowing high-achieving students to experience the 2023 Harvard Summer School program.

BI’s commitment to providing global opportunities for its students is further enhanced by its new collaboration with Harvard Division of Continuing Education.

Qualified BI students will go through an internal application process, and those selected will be nominated to Harvard Summer School. Students at the bachelor and master level from all study programmes at BI are invited to apply, provided they meet the academic and English-language requirements.

Harvard Summer School offers hundreds of courses, and BI students with successful pre-approval are allowed to credit back one summer school course as an elective to their BI degree.Karen Spens 023 2

“This is an opportunity for our students to broaden their knowledge at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. This will not only provide academic growth for students, but also a unique international experience that could prove valuable for a future career,” says Karen Spens, President at BI Norwegian Business School.

At Harvard Summer School, students can take either one course worth 4 US credits (8 ECTS) over the course of three weeks, or two courses worth 8 US credits (16 ECTS) over the course of 6 or 7 weeks. They will have the possibility to apply for on-campus housing with room & board, and will be offered a range of social activities to participate in.

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