BI researcher wins recognition for pioneering management research

23 June 2023

Jonas Söderlund is this year’s winner of the PMI Research Achievement Award.

Jonas Söderlund.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the leading professional association for project management. The award was handed out at a ceremony in Dublin earlier this month. 

According to the award committee, Söderlund has developed “pioneering research which is incomparable in its depth and range of subjects covered”. The committee also highlights his contributions over a long period of time, noting that he has “shaped the research in project management for more than two decades”. 

“I am very happy to receive this award. It is wonderful to get recognition from colleagues all around the world. Three things have helped me get to this point: fantastic colleagues, fantastic mentors, and hard work. I put in a lot of hours. There are no shortcuts,” says Söderlund, who is an Adjunct Professor in BI’s Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, and regularly teaches at the Master of Management program in project management. 

The PMI Research Achievement Award recognises and honors individuals whose work have significantly advanced the concept, knowledge, and practices of project management through a published body of academic research. 

“We are honored to work with colleagues like Jonas. This award is an excellent example of the high quality of research that is conducted here at BI and it is undoubtedly a well-deserved recognition for Jonas, honoring his long-term impact on the field of project management research,” says Øyvind Lund Martinsen, Head of Department of BI’s Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. 

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