Management researchers win most cited paper award

24 August 2023

Linzhuo Wang and Ralf Müller had the most cited paper in 2022 in the prestigious International Journal of Project Management.

“Our paper is part of a research project on maximizing organizational resilience under institutional complexity. This award is an acknowledgement from the leading project management journal that our research is appreciated by academics and practitioners alike,” say Wang and Müller.

They won the award for their paper ‘Prior and governed stakeholder relationships: The key to resilience of inter-organizational projects’.

“This is a most prestigious research journal in project management, with a very high impact on the project management community. Publishing the most cited paper in 2022 demonstrates the importance and value of Wang and Müller’s research and showcases the excellent research we carry out at BI Norwegian Business School," says Head of the Department of Leadership and Organization Thorvald Hærem.

The award aims to encourage academics to make impactful and contemporary contributions to existing theory and practice.

“The stakeholders in a project should be organized so that they can respond to adversity and crises. The best way to this depends on how well they know each other and how used they are to working together. In our paper we look at how dynamic distribution and centralized engagement can help achieve flexibility and solidarity,” continue Wang and Müller.

You can read the full paper here.

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