BI graduates excel in employability

4 October 2023

Master of Science students from BI are considered among the most attractive graduates globally, according to QS Business Master Rankings 2024.

BI’s MSc programmes in Business Analytics, Marketing, Management, and Finance all receive high scores on the ranking’s most important indicator, employability, which is based on a global survey conducted by QS where they ask employers to select the schools that they prefer to hire from, in addition to employment rate six months after graduation. 

The QS Business Master Rankings highlight the best graduate masters programmes across the world based on five indicators: ‘employability’, ’alumni outcomes’, ‘return on investment’, ‘thought leadership’ and ‘class & faculty diversity’.

“This ranking offers a comprehensive view on numerous factors that are crucial for students when deciding where to pursue their studies. It also reflects the current state of employer preferences and BI’s reputation as an educational institution alongside other top schools globally, “ says Karen Spens, President of BI Norwegian Business School. 

QS Survey, which has been conducted for over two decades, gathers insights from employers representing a diverse array of sectors and industries, including tech giants like Facebook and Google, as well as financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

“As the job market continues to evolve and employers seek specific skill sets, these results offer valuable insights for students, parents, and educational institutions alike, “says Spens.

BI’s rank on employability:

  • MSc in Business Analytics: 24
  • MSc in Management (Business): 27
  • MSc in Finance: 34
  • MSc in Marketing: 13

The 2024 Business Masters Rankings includes 771 Business Masters programs in total.

Overall results:

  • MSc in Business Analytics is ranked 40 out of 151 programmes.
  • MSc in Management (Business) is ranked 31 out of 203 programmes.
  • MSc in Finance is ranked 42 out of 206 programmes.
  • MSc in Marketing is ranked 25 out of 131 programmes.


  • The backbone of the QS Business Master Rankings is the QS Global Employer Survey. The survey has now been running over 20 years. Schools have the option to contribute to the survey by nominating up to 400 employers that recruit their graduates.
  • A total of 12 criteria form the basis of five key indicators that programs were ranked on: ‘employability’ (30-35%), ’alumni outcomes’(15-20%), ‘return on investment (20%’), ‘thought leadership’(20%) and ‘class & faculty diversity’ (10%).
  • Data is collected using three surveys; the QS Global Employer Survey, the QS Global Academic Survey and a survey completed by the business schools themselves.
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