Declaration of sympathy from UHR

8 November 2023

Universities Norway (UHR) is deeply alarmed by the escalating conflict in Palestine and Israel. The number of casualties is horrifying. The acts of violence have a severe impact on civilians – including children.

We express our deepest sympathy with everyone directly or indirectly affected by this conflict. 

Our member institutions have staff and students with links to both Palestine and Israel. 

UHR condemns all violations of international law. Civilians must be protected, and access to humanitarian aid ensured. Norway must contribute to secure democracy and human rights, beyond our own national borders. 

Norway led the work on the "Safe Schools Declaration" to secure schools and universities in conflict. The purpose was, amongst others, to strengthen the protection of children and education during armed conflicts. As of today, 118 states have endorsed it. UHR asks that the declaration be respected. 

BI Norwegian Business School is one of 32 members of UHR.

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